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Stamina Energy Booster Essential Oil Blend

Stamina Energy Booster
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Stamina Energy Booster is an essential oil blend of Cypress, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Clove and Copaiba.

Roller bottle use on bottom of feet, back of neck and/or pulse points.

Use nasal inhaler as often as needed.

Cypress essential oil brings energy balance in the body and promotes circulation of positive energy. Contradictory . . . it both "gets things moving" (such as your circulation) and "calms things down" (such as stress and muscle tension). Think of it as restoring balance and offering reassurance.

Eucalyptus essential oil is great for ‘waking up’ the body and mind just before the match, game, or race. Can improved respiratory function for better stamina and performance.Fights inflammation in the muscles to reduce pain and promote better flexibility.

Clove essential oil is something that has been tested to look into the overall effectiveness of it for various things. It’s been shown to provide very real results in a number of aspects of health and in athletic performance. Studies show that it can increase white blood count and immune function, keeping you healthy for training.

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Jadie says...

Andie’s products are all amazing! The deodorant is great! Also love the JennysSight Humble Spirit line! Andie is super knowledgeable about essential oils and ailments/uses! I highly recommend her products!

Jessica Says...

Love the products. Andie answers all your questions and wants to help. I am slowly trying the different mixes. I have loved them all so far. Thank you!!

Megan Says...

Andie is so helpful & really tries to help you with whatever your needs are. She is all about her community & being as natural as possible. She also supports lots of other local vendors in her store so there is a great variety.

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