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Nose Bleed Essential Oil Blend

Nose Bleed
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Product Details

Nose Bleed Blend is a combination of Cypress and Lemon essential oils. Whether it is winter dry air or underlying issues, Andie's Nose Bleed blend can help. Essential oils that help speed up coagulation and promote clotting. Argan and Avocado oils added to benefit dry, sensitive skin. May also be used on small cuts.

Lemon essential oil is haemostatic, meaning it helps stop bleeding by speeding up the coagulation process, while cypress essential oil has been known to promote blood clotting.

1.2ml swab container.

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Jadie says...

Andie’s products are all amazing! The deodorant is great! Also love the JennysSight Humble Spirit line! Andie is super knowledgeable about essential oils and ailments/uses! I highly recommend her products!

Jessica Says...

Love the products. Andie answers all your questions and wants to help. I am slowly trying the different mixes. I have loved them all so far. Thank you!!

Megan Says...

Andie is so helpful & really tries to help you with whatever your needs are. She is all about her community & being as natural as possible. She also supports lots of other local vendors in her store so there is a great variety.

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